Thursday, August 24, 2000

From Pain to Promise
by Dean F. Mapa

Can life's pains be avoided? Or is that a rhetorical question, simply because there is a silently resounding "No!".

No matter how much we have or lack, how much we've lived or haven't, how many friends, families or foes -- pain comes; and quite often it comes when we least expect it. No, I'm not talking about physical pain that comes from scratches, slips and tumbles. But the pain that cuts deep to the core of our being; the hurt that keeps us dazed all day; the throbbing that moved the Psalmist to poignantly express, "My tears have been my pillow all night long!"

Yes, inner pain is inevitable, but we need not succumb to it and be overwhelmed by its debilitating effect on our souls. It can actually hold promise for renewed hope. Give thought to the following:

When pained, by all means cry, bang the walls, pour your soul out. Feel the pain and ride it out. Then hold it up for you to see. Let it be a reflection of better things to come, not a shattered image of the past. Then and only then will we realize that pain, just like a thorn on a rose's stem, is merely a reminder of how beautiful life can really be.

About the Author: Dean F. Mapa is a writer, motivational speaker and success coach. He manages, among other sites, Raven's Rendezvous, a meeting place for singles at Subscribe to his free weekly inspiarational e-zine by sending a blank e-mail to

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