Sunday, February 06, 2000

Your Future Fate Revealed By Timeless Toy

(ARA) - How can you find out what fate has in store for you? The answers to all of your burning questions can be held in your hand - if you're holding a black plastic sphere that's been predicting the future for over fifty years. Tomorrow is revealed to us today with the Magic 8-Ball.

Millions of Americans remember this classic toy from when they were children. In fact, the Magic 8-Ball has been a part of the childhoods of several generations. First introduced in 1946, the original design has not changed and the familiar responses still float out of the inky blue darkness to solve our most perplexing issues.

Back then, the future seemed as uncertain as it does now. World War II had just ended and devices that attempted to predict the future were all the rage. People spent hours asking for advice on Ouija boards. Weight scales on Main Street handed out fortunes, as did Chinese cookies. Abe Bookman of the Alabe Crafts Company in Cincinnati invented the personal crystal ball known as the Magic 8-Ball, but where he got his idea from is as mysterious as the Magic 8-Ball itself.

From the personal ("Will I get the job?") to the philosophical ("Is there life on other planets?"), the Magic 8-Ball never fails to give a straight answer, even if it's not the one you were hoping for. Ask a yes or no question and there are 20 possible answers, ranging from ten positive, five not-so-positive, and five neutral.

Many people who abandoned their Magic 8-Balls as children are finding the toys to be a fun accessory to buy again for their home or office. "It's a symbol of pop culture," says esteemed cultural studies critic Christopher McGee. He adds, "Magic 8-Balls are retro, but they're also really modern. It's a great gift for any occasion." The Magic 8-Ball is an exciting guest at parties, weddings, graduations and any celebration.

If you're secretly checking your Magic 8-Ball before making an important decision, you may not be alone. Tammy Perri, an accountant and toy collector, has a magic 8-Ball on her desk at work and says it's a great way to meet people. "Everyone comes by and has a question for my Magic 8-Ball. It's a fun way to take a mini-break when your day is full of stressful decisions."

The Magic 8-Ball has been featured on several popular television shows throughouy the years, from "The Dick Van Dyke Show" to "Friends." It's also been featured in commercials and even used by newscasters to predict election outcomes.

Will the 21st century bring you health, wealth and happiness? According to the Magic 8-Ball, "Signs point to yes."

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