Monday, January 08, 2001

Men Have 'Bad Hair Days' Too
(ARA) - It's not only women who have "bad hair days." More than half the guys in a recent survey said they have bad hair days, too.

That compares with 85 percent of women, according to Bruce Darkow, spokesman for the survey's organizer, Aprilaire Automatic Humidifiers.

"People told us humidity plays a huge part in keeping hair manageable," Darkow said. "The biggest complaint, especially from women, was rainy days or humid days."

But humidity is not the only culprit behind a less than perfect hair day. Dry air can result in a hair raising experience of its own - literally. Exposure to dry air can cause a build up of static electricity in hair. "Overly dry air, like you'd find indoors during the heating season, seems to affect men and women almost equally," said Darkow.

"We can't eliminate rainy days," he said. "But an automatic humidifier installed in the home can help with the dry days by keeping indoor humidity at a comfortable level."

Aprilaire Automatic Humidifiers use a built-in computer to continuously measure, control and deliver optimum levels of moisture to indoor air. Its no-touch operation delivers up to 50 percent more moisture than others for improved comfort, preservation, well-being and energy savings, Darkow said.

The nationwide survey of 638 homeowners was part of Aprilaire's continuing effort to monitor how people feel about indoor air comfort, not to mention bad hair days.

For more information about how to maintain optimum indoor humidity, see the Aprilaire Web site at

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